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A Day at the Zoo Album (NCL)


This is the base book for A Day At the Zoo.  It includes a front and back cover that are approximately 10x11 inches with internal pages shaped like a giraffe, big cat (leapard), an elephant (with paper that is textured to ressemble the skin), monkeys, and rhinos.  The pages are made from a heavy-duty chipboard and covered with the patterns that match the animals.  Additional pages can be added to accommodate pictures for zebras, lions, tigers, gorillas, crocodiles, bears, deer/antelope, and many other animals.  Specialty embellishments of animals and title can also be added to further enhance your photos. 

My book actually holds over 50 pictures and I have added all of the additional pages described above.

Let us know how to customize one for you to create a treasured keepsake of your zoo and/or safari pictures.

You may also be interested in other products in our inventory that can be customized for Zoo/Animals such as the Waterfall Albums, Flip-Fold Albums, Picture-It Albums, Paper Bag Albums, Folder Albums, Altered Book Albums, Word Books, etc.  Check them out for yourself!

Occasionally we may have substitute papers and embellishments that vary from the sample seen here.  Many specialized papers are only available for a short time and we may not be able to order additional supplies at the time an order is placed.  We will always endeavour to find better products to substitute while maintaining the overall look of the book.

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